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Welcome to Lutterworth Athletic FC

Lutterworth Athletic was established in 1983 to provide the children and youth of Lutterworth and surrounding villages with the opportunity of playing local league football; at the same time learning both physical and emotional skills and disciplines and, of course, having lots of fun. We have been accredited as an FA Charter Standard Club since the 1st July 2009. The Charter Standard provides recognition by the FA to clubs that are well run and sustainable, with child protection and safety paramount. It also recognises a clubs commitment to coaching, player and coach development, and raising the standards of behaviour in the game. Recently the club completed and passed its annual FA health check enabling us to operate as a FA Charter Standard Club for the 4th season in succession. This is your guarantee that our club is run properly and the welfare of your children is our highest priority.




As many of you are already aware the club is undergoing a huge transitional period throughout this season and we are about to realise the dream of accommodating all of our teams at a single facility at Hall Lane. This is something that we have been trying to achieve since the club was formed nearly 30 years ago. When completed it will be without doubt one of the best sports facilities in the county and will not only enable us to generate a real identity but also create a sense of community at our club. In former seasons this has been a huge challenge as our nomadic existence has seriously inhibited progress in this area. We are now relying on our members to endorse our vision and move the club forward.